• Netzach isn't just a place to daven...

    it's a whole community experience

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  • Our Vision

    We have identified 6 principles for our community


    Focus on Growth

    We have an unapologetic & determined focus on driving & supporting growth and Avodas Hashem


    Aspire for More

    Aspirational motivations for our children, without compromising our own growth



    Distinctly Rav-led – with strategic guidance and ultimate halachic authority


    Get Stuff Done

    An active membership that contributes to, participates in, and prioritises Kehilla activities


    Kehilla Centric

    Warm, welcoming, engaging Kehilla with provision for men, women, families, youth boys & girls


    Inspired Davening

    Inspirational, yet serious davening experience

  • Weekday Services

    Shacharis - 6.35am(Mon/Thurs), 6.45am(Tues/Wed/Fri), 8am(Sun) + NEW 8.30am (all days)

    Mincha - winter times tbc

    Maariv - 7.45pm


    Also see uniquelyedgware 



  • Rabbi and Rebbitzen

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    Rabbi Reuven and Rebbetzen Elisheva Stepsky have dedicated the last 30 years to Jewish education and outreach. Born in London, Rabbi Stepsky attended Hasmonean School, and studied for six years in Sunderland and Jerusalem before receiving several Rabbinical ordinations.

    The Stepsky’s first Rabbinical position was as Assistant Rabbi and Rebbetzen at the New West End Synagogue, London. From 1993 to 2016 they played senior roles in the development and growth of the Jewish Learning Exchange, London.

    In May 2016 the Stepsky’s launched Shema B’ni dedicated and focused specifically on follow-up and support for Baalei Teshuvah and their families. The response has been overwhelming and since inception, Shema B’ni has engaged hundreds of people through its regular programmes and events.

    Rabbi Stepsky is JBCS trained bereavement counsellor, with additional CPD training across areas including mental health, stress intervention, couples therapy, addictions, safeguarding children, and abuse in the Jewish community. He also previously worked as a Commodity Broker.

    Rebbetzen Stepsky has a wealth of experience as a kodesh teacher in a variety of primary schools. She has ably provided a listening ear in supporting congregants through life events, including marriage and parental issues, with her warm and non-judgemental approach. She is also a qualified MEP Kallah teacher.

  • Shiurim

    Watch this space - we shall be adding shiurim soon to this section

  • Contact Us

    We'd love to hear from you!