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Netzach Yisroel isn't just a place to daven...'s a whole kehillah experience!

Whether you're visiting on Shabbos or attending one of our shiurim or joining as a member, we'd like to extend to you a very warm hand of friendship.
While we make every effort to welcome all our guests personally, sometimes people slip through the net.  Therefore, please introduce yourself to the Rabbi to ensure that you too share in the warmth that is the hallmark of the Netzach Yisroel kehillah.
We all have a spare seat at our table set especially for you - if you need Shabbos hospitality, please let the Rabbi know.  You certainly won't be putting us out - in fact, you'll be helping us perform a mitzvah.
Netzach Yisroel is a growing community.  It is a kehillah where we are all committed to working to improve our middos and our level of learning and observance.  And we do this in a supportive, non-judgmental, non-threatening, caring and helpful way.  No matter where "you're at", Netzach Yisroel will help you find the resources and information you need.
Your growth strengthens our growth.
At Netzach Yisroel, you'll experience a warm, meaningful and friendly service.
We are:
  • an Orthodox kehillah
  • open to people across a broad spectrum of observance
  • unique in our approach to davening - slow with complete decorum affording intimate connection with H'
  • respectful of each other
  • always open to suggestions
  • not cliquey, pompous, stuffy, awkward or over regulated
We defy labelling!


Sat, 19 January 2019 13 Shevat 5779