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A message from our Rabbi

The Kehilla is continuing to expand and I am very grateful to all of you for the opportunity to take us forward to the next level. The Kehilla was initially founded by SEED and we are committed to remaining true to our origins with a Kiruv-friendly ethos.

Let us remind ourselves of our raison d’etre. We exist to support each other’s spiritual growth, recognising that the purpose of life is to utilise every precious minute & opportunity to become closer to Hashem. In order to do so, we need to become caring, giving Jews – giving to each other and to Hashem through Torah, Mitzvos & Chessed.

We remind ourselves that the Torah was not given to individuals, but to a nation – the original Kehilla! When a group of people with a single, focused goal join forces, something special is created. A warm space that is home, where we learn to love each other, accepting that other people are at different stages on their personal journey, but that we are all headed in the same direction.

As we continue to expand, we need to remain vigilant in preserving our identity and etho. My friends, life is all about balance. Being truly empathetic with others, understanding their situation & caring for them without compromising one’s own standards or views is the challenge. As K’lal Yisrael splinters off into ever-smaller and narrower factions, we are attempting very consciously to buck the trend. This is not without its challenges – we can never attempt to be ‘all things to all me.

 Permit me to list the key values we stand for:

  • A commitment to ongoing spiritual growth through learning Torah.

  • Non-judgmental, warm, thoughtful, caring, family-friendly atmosphere.

  • Stress on character-development – Middos Tovos

  • Decorum during Davening – strictly no talking at all in shul

  • Emphasis on slow, meaningful davening

In order to achieve our aims, we must all pull our weight in a number of different ways. We must never become stuffy, over-regulated, or run by committee. At the same time, we must be efficient and professional in our approach.

We must all get involved. Participation and involvement at every level is crucial. I am proud and privileged to be at the helm of such a special group of people – May Hashem see the seriousness with which we approach our sacred task and crown it with success – May we continue to enjoy each others Simchas.

Warm regards

Rabbi D Roberts

A message from our Rabbi
Sat, 19 January 2019 13 Shevat 5779