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In order to join our warm and vibrant growing community there are a number of steps you have to undertake in order for you and your family to become members of our Shul.

Important Documents for Membership
The Membership Form
The Data Protection Form
The Standing Order Form - Please contact the administrator for a copy of this form
Gift Aid Form

You will need to fill in, sign and return:

1. The Membership Form,
2. The Data Protection Form and
3. A copy of your Kesubah should be sent to:

Ilana de Wolff - Administrator (email for address)

or emailed to If emailing these forms, please also post the hard copy. In the event that you need help with any section of the form please don’t hesitate in contacting Ilana on 07714 576 579 or emailing

4. The Standing Order Form – This should be sent together with the Gift Aid Form (see below) to:

Debbie Davidson (email for address)

5. The Gift Aid Form* should be sent to Michael Isaacs together with the Standing Order Form above.

*If you are a non- member (and a UK taxpayer), please also complete a Gift Aid declaration
which will enable us to reclaim an additional amount on your donation from the government at NO COST to you. If you are a higher rate taxpayer you will be able to claim additional tax relief on your donation. Our registered number with the Charity Commission is 1120294. Please note however that the original hard copy of the Gift Aid declaration form has to be sent to the treasurer. An email copy is not acceptable.’

6. Our Rav, Rabbi Dovid Roberts Shlita will be informed of your wish to join our Shul, and before your application can be approved a meeting will be set up between you and the Rav.

Sat, 19 January 2019 13 Shevat 5779