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Below are some common questions.

Shul Membership Fees

Annual membership fees are currently:
1.     Family (1 adult with children or 2 adults with or without children) membership £720 (Standing order at £60 per month).
2.     Single Membership (1 adult) £360 (Standing order at £30 per month)

Please note that according to the Rabbi’s rulings, if payment of shul fees is financially difficult one may take a percentage of shul fees from Maa’ser funds. Please discuss any such issues with the Rov. In addition, although it is very difficult halachically and hashkafically to make a blanket ruling, the general comment is that “charity begins at home”. One might therefore want to re-evaluate one’s tzedaka priorities to include the shul and the welfare funds that the Rabbi distributes internally.

Federation Fees

Kehillas Netzach Yisroel is a member of The Federation of Synagogues and all members have to pay an annual fee to the Federation.

There is an annual fee of:

£44 for members aged under 28 (£30.50 if single)

£91.50 for members aged 28-69 (£62.50 if single)

£55.50 for members aged 70+ (£49.50 if single)

Burial Society Fees

It is essential every member is part of a burial society.  Netzach membership fees do not include burial.  There are many different different societies which offer burial and if you are part of a burial society then it is important to let the administrator know which society.  If you don't have burial the Federation offer a burial service for its members at the following annual rates (these rates are per family which include single or a married couple with children).

£42 - aged under 28

£49 - aged 28-69

£41 - aged 70+

Sat, 19 January 2019 13 Shevat 5779