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Part of KNY’s key ethos is our focus on family growth together in Yiddishkeit. The regular
Shabbos children’s services at KNY are an important feature of our Kehilla, attracting between
40 – 60 children each week.

The objectives of the children’s services are:

  • to provide an engaging, interactive, entertaining and meaningful Shabbos davening experience
  • to encourage participation, learning and sensitivity towards tefillos and sedra topics
  • to provide a natural progression in line with age & ability, respecting the diverse background of our members
  • to help prepare and transition our kids into the main shul.


The kids services are divided into 4 groups as follows:

Groups Leader Mums, Dads etc
Tots up to nursery / Reception * Josh Morhaim, Gidon Blake, Adam
Reception & Year 1 Adam Katz , Shimon Lev, Ryan Ostilly Only if required
Year 2 - 4 Gideon Gabriel, Jonnie Philips, Geoffrey
Not required
Year 5 – 6 – GIRLS ONLY Hadassah Lev, Lindsay Simmons-Rosten Not required

*Younger children in reception (or those not ready to progress to next group).


The groups start at 10:40am and finish around 11:15am (unless otherwise stated).


The service leaders have balanced the content of the various groups, sensitive to the fact that
our children have different levels of attention, scope of davening as well textual skills. With
this in mind, we gradually introduce additional tefilos and sedra topics as the children develop
through the year and as they pick up more skills from their home / school education.


KNY provide a special ‘healthy’ kids Kiddush for the younger groups (tots to Year 1), consisting
of grape juice, mezonos and a humzinger. The children learn to say their brochos and the
parents (of our younger kids) get a great opportunity to schmooze, before joining the rest of the
Kehilla at the main Kiddush.

Click here to view the timetable.


Sat, 19 January 2019 13 Shevat 5779