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Arranging a Kiddush/Simcha

The weekly Kiddush Teams are geared up to arrange a standard or deluxe kiddush for regular Shabbos attendance. This includes ordering and displaying all food, drink and paper ware and cleaning up at the end of the kiddush. However, if your requirements are over and above the duties of the Kiddush Team, certain additional support is required.
To avoid any confusion, we have set out the various conditions that apply to baalei simcha and other guidelines that might help you when planning your simcha.


If you are having your simcha (other than a standard or deluxe kiddush) at our Rosh Pinah premises you are responsible for:

Providing your own paperware, black bags, all food that is additional to what is usually provided for a standard kiddush (when possible, food that is available from Kosher Kingdom, Renbake can be organized through Gill on 07930 492 555).

Removing all rubbish.

Cleaning the kitchen area, school corridors, hall, and when a kiddush is held outside during the summer months, the grounds – employing a cleaner.

If you are having a very large Kiddush – more than a “deluxe”- you will be required to employ waitresses.  If you want the waitresses to start working before the start of shul, please ensure that you collect the shul keys from the Rabbi/ Gabbai in order for you to open up for the waitresses.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the school facilities (hall, kitchen, library, toilets, playground, etc.) are fully cleared up and cleaned to a high level after your simcha.

Private functions can be catered by anyone the host chooses.
Please consult with the Rav regarding appropriate hechsherim.
Public functions, e.g. Kiddush, must be Kedassia.
If you require any assistance with some of the plans for your simcha, please do not hesitate to contact:
Adele:  07841 160 577 or
Raquel Roberts:
who will be happy to guide you so that your simcha can run as smoothly as possible.  
Sat, 19 January 2019 13 Shevat 5779